Women Of Wall Street
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About us

Women Of Wall Street is about educating and modernizing the views of women in business as we see more corporate positions being filled by women everyday. The goal is to highlight female leaders, challenge popular gender steroeotypes, and open up a positive dialogue about the growth in our society.

Our Story is Unity and Collaboration

This project will seek to share the journey from the perspective of those who are part of the women’s movement and its initiative towards gender equality and being socially responsible.



About Us

What is W.o.W "Women of Wall Street?"

Women Of Wall Street tells a bold new story of what it means to be a working woman  in highly regarded positions in today’s modern society. The name Women Of Wall Street, comes as a symbolic reference to big business, though many of our women have actually started their careers on Wall Street. What began as a project to enhance women’s lives, by creating a collaborative environment amongst leaders in different industries, is quickly finding itself in to the hearts and minds of women  who have long been searching for something outside the box, and a little more values focused. Jaclyn Milford, Founder of the WOW Women Of Wall Street had a goal of blending her love for fashion, passion for business, and connecting people at levels of impact while promoting social awareness. It’s been an incredible journey finding the right women for this, and now they’re beginning to find us! 

We will support initiatives, and provide a voice  for industries often overlooked but the most vulnerable.

We are here for you. We stand with you. You are not alone.


Who Are the Women Of Wall Street? 

Women Of Wall Street is a network of powerful, influential and inspiring women all over the U.S who work on Wall Street, started on Wall Street or lead powerful initiatives. The group was formed as a way to nurture these women, and create a safe space for shared ideas, thoughts, and collaborations.  W.OW is the birthplace of two ideas; bringing together dynamic power players who believe in unity, and modernizing the look of women in business today.

Societal perceptions create limitations that don’t necessarily represent who women are, or how we behave. We’re all unique and function differently, so boxing us in has never or will ever work for that reason. Our women represent all the diversity that exists in the world, because that is what our workforce really is.